Celebrate Valentine’s Day at home


Reserving a table at a popular restaurant on Valentine’s Day can be challenging, especially when the romantic holiday falls on a Friday evening as it does this year.

Instead of going through the hassle to find a restaurant, Market District Food and Beverage Manager Rick Hopkins said the Carmel-based grocer offers solutions for couples who want to stay in.

“In the store, one of our standards is the chocolate-covered strawberries, the tuxedo strawberries, and we sell them in packs of threes or sixes,” Hopkins said. “We package a ribeye steak that is butterflied, so basically it opens up like a heart. We also have the steak and lobster packaging we do since that’s a big demand item for Valentine’s Day.”

With Market District’s produce selections, Hopkins said a nice meal can be created for couples who want a private night of dining at home. Prepared meatballs will be available in the chef’s case, and Hopkins stresses the importance of side dishes.

“A lot of times (a good option is) grilled asparagus or a potato gruyere in a layered dish,” he said.

Market Table offers several wine and liquor pairings are available as well.

Market Table also has a restaurant, Table by Market District, for couples who want to dine out.

“Obviously, any restaurant in town gets prepared for Valentine’s Day,” he said. “Valentine’s Day is just fun. We do a dinner-for-two experience with a shared appetizer, the choice of an entree and a shared dessert. It’s a complete meal for two.”

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