Faces of Fishers: Aarika White


CIF COM 0211 faces of fishers

Commentary by Shelly Gattlieb

The president of the Indiana Psychological Association is Dr. Aarika White, who has previously served on the board of directors and multiple committees.

White said her involvement in IPA is a great way to stay connected with colleagues and remain current in the field. She earned her bachelor’s degree at IUPUI and her master’s degree and doctorate at Ball State. She met her husband, Josh, while they were in middle school at Beech Grove. Yhey have two Australian labradoodles, Winnie and Roo.

Favorite board game: Concept

Hobby: Crafting – scrapbooking, knitting, crocheting, card making

Favorite place in Fishers: The farmers market

Bucket list: Sing karaoke, learn American Sign Language and French

Proudest moment: Passing doctoral dissertation

Netflix binge: “Friends” or “West Wing”

Best investment: Lasik eye surgery

Prize possession: Law of Attraction planner

Mentor: Dr. Kristin Perrone-McGovern

Movies: Disney or musicals

Best Christmas present from Josh: Tickets for St. Louis Blues

Best concert: Celine Dion at Banker’s Life

Favorite books: “Twilight” series

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