At the Table with Anna


Where to go: Blackhawk Winery

Address: 28153 West Ditch Rd., Sheridan

What to get: The Screaming Goat pizza

Price: $9

The Screaming Goat is a specialty pizza that is not always available. It’s topped with goat cheese crumbles, fig preserves, bacon and onion on a flatbread crust. (Photo by Anna Skinner)

Anna’s take: My first trip to Blackhawk Winery was definitely enjoyable. It offers great pizza options to pair with its wines. Typically, pizzas can be ordered with cheese, pepperoni, sausage, olive, onion or mushrooms, but there also are specialty pizzas, depending on the season. I sampled a pepperoni, olive and onion pizza, a sausage and mushroom pizza, a strawberry balsamic specialty pizza with mozzarella, strawberry slices, bacon, onion and a strawberry balsamic, and a goat cheese pizza called The Screaming Goat, with fig preserves, goat cheese crumbles, bacon and onion. All pizzas are $9 for a whole or $4.50 for a half. The flatbread the pizza is served on creates a dish that’s not greasy and can withstand the weight of the toppings and is of a thin but soft consistency.

Suggested pairings: For the best option, ask your server which wine to pair with which specific pizza, as the options change depending on what toppings are added However, give the Sheridan wine a try. It is named after the grape varietal, not after the Town of Sheridan. The Sheridan grape is a sweeter grape, similar to a Concord grape, and it creates a dark rose color in the wine.