Common council approves ordinances, transfer


The Noblesville Common Council met March 10 and approved several ordinances as well as a conflict of interest disclosure. For more, visit

What happened: The council unanimously approved amendments to the Noblesville Code of Ordinances.

What it means: The amendments specified items such as updated the board of works from three members to five and changing the clerk-treasurer title to clerk because Noblesville recently became a second-class city.


What happened: The council heard an introduction for text amendments to the Cumberland Farms Industrial Park Planned Development Ordinance.

What it means: The park was approved in 2006 and is at northeast of the 206th Street and Ind. 19 intersection. There is one structure on the park property, occupied by Fluid Waste Services. The item proposes an amendment to landscape standards. Because the proposal was an introduction, no vote was taken.


What happened: The council unanimously approved an ordinance enacting and adopting a supplement to the code of ordinances.

What it means: The item was a housekeeping measure taken every year. It incorporates all ordinances passed in 2019 to the code of ordinances. Ordinances are incorporated into the online code as they are adopted, but the action makes them official and incorporates them into a hard copy.


What happened: The council unanimously accepted a conflict of interest disclosure from council member Brian Ayer.

What it means: Ayer submitted a conflict of interest disclosure for a project that will soon come before the council.


What happened: The council approved an appropriation transfer in the downtown development fund.

What it means: A transfer of $14,000 was moved from the contingency to the Dept. of Economic Development within the downtown development fund to purchase bollards, bike racks, patio barricades and trash cans for the downtown area.