Column: Stop by LUXE for luxurious inspiration


Commentary by Randy Sorrell and Bill Bernard

In mid-April, the Indiana Design Center will be host LUXE — an event designed to provide inspiration for your remodeling and new construction project needs. I would encourage you to stop by and enjoy the various inspirational and educational activities that highlight the exciting products and services available through the talented professionals that work within the Indiana Design Center. 

For our part, SURROUNDINGS by NatureWorks+ will be creating an incredible outdoor living space that will not only welcome visitors, but also invite them to sit, relax and recharge. With elements such as a grill station, fire feature, music and operable screens, you may decide to relocate there permanently. Our creation represents the collaborative efforts of several of our design partners, such as Ferguson, Premier and Godby Hearth and Home. It features the labors of our many talented master craftsmen who transform our ideas into reality.

During the event, we will unveil our “20 in 20” list of essential elements for creating transformative exterior and interior living spaces. This is our list of concepts, qualities and components that can help elevate a mundane space to a place of meaning.

Stop by, be inspired so you can…

Stay home, be moved.