Sherwood publishes personal growth book


Nick Sherwood wanted to produce a different kind of self-help book.

“There are lot of self-help books that are really fluffy and soft,” he said. “They say things like, ‘Just go out and take chances and things will be great.’ I didn’t want to write that. I wanted to give people real, solid, actual takeaways that motivated me to the write this book.”

CIW COM 0505 personal growth book

The Westfield resident published the book, “Own the 8,” April 5.

“Personal development and self-awareness is the idea behind it,” Sherwood said. 

The title is derived from the eight chapters on different subjects of the 210-page book, which Sherwood worked on for 18 months.

“If you can own all eight of those different aspects, you can live a more purposeful, more achieved life,” he said. “I was accepted by one publisher out of Nashville, Tenn., and one out of New York City, but I chose to self-publish for various reasons.

“It seems Amazon Publishing has been thriving and has put some of the smaller publishers out of business. It’s more beneficial for an author to do so, and I can reach people a lot faster.”

Sherwood said with people staying home during the coronavirus pandemic, it was a good time to publish. Sherwood cited more than 100 sources in the book, available on paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

“There is a lot of fact base behind it and a lot of research,” Sherwood said.

Sherwood, 31, is a certified teacher, coach and trainer with a leadership development company called The Navigator Leadership Corp.

“We go into different organizations and help their leaders become stronger and more effective and better leaders,” said Sherwood, who moved from Carmel to Westfield in 2018. “We work with a lot of manufacturing environments throughout the state.”

Sherwood graduated from Indiana University with a degree in kinesiology. 

“Upon graduation, I got into corporate wellness,” he said. “I started by going in training people on exercise and nutrition, anything they could do to live better and feel better. We found the organizations we worked with didn’t have prior leadership training.”

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