Front Porch Project for Club Kids launches


The Tom & Soni Sheehan Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville Executive Director Becky Terry has found a way to keep kids connected and raise funds.

CIN COM 0421 front porch photography

The club is partnering with Tenth Street Photography to promote its Front Porch Project for Club Kids. The Front Porch Project has started in many communities around the nation during the coronavirus pandemic. Photographers are taking photos of families on their porches.

Terry said the idea was brought to the club by a former board member, Lori Waldner.  

“Our fundraising committee decided that this was something we wanted to try,” Terry said. “During our research, we found that Tenth Street Photography had already started this initiative. We reached out to the owners, Lori and Fred Koppold, and they generously agreed to partner with us to help generate support for the Boys & Girls Club.”

Terry said the response has been positive response so far.

“We are excited to see the fun, silly and poignant photos that these amazing photographers will create,” Terry said.

Terry said fundraising is critical during this time.

“Our program team has created the Virtual Clubhouse and a variety of programs and activities for club members to participate in while our facility is closed,” Terry said. “Giving them an outlet where they can connect with their friends and continue to engage with our youth development professionals in fun ways, like fitness activities, arts and crafts projects, and starting next week (with) academic success programs. Once the club is able to safely reopen, we anticipate the need for our services to increase as parents get back to work and get back on their feet.  We also anticipate an increase in requests for scholarship for our program fees.”

The $65 sessions in the Hamilton County area include a 10-minute visit from one of Tenth Street Photography’s professional photographers on the front porch from a safe distance and two edited digital images from the photo shoot. Each package includes a $25 donation to the Boys & Girls Club in the family’s name.  

“We consider it a blessing to provide a distraction from this difficult time to capture family portraits on their porches,” Tenth Street Photography co-owner Lori Koppold stated. “A crisis helps us remember what matters most and that often brings us to our family.”

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