Letter: No need to criticize workers in senior living facilities



Shame on your paper for publishing the names of the senior living facilities in Hamilton County regarding their COVID-19 death rates. You acquiesced to the liberal media and jeopardized these fine facilities and their financial futures.

I have not visited any of these facilities, but I know from my parents both passing in one in Ohio a few years ago that it is a thankless job. We make such a big deal out of the health care workers in the hospitals, so why should the senior facilities be criticized like this? A far greater number of Indiana residents are passing from COVID in hospitals!

I have no problem with them sharing that info with a prospective resident, but these folks work very hard, too, often for less money and fewer resources and equipment. Mr. McNulty’s comment on “complete information over incomplete information” was absurd! How about “no information?” And don’t forget, the odds of any U.S. citizen living in a senior health care facility in their lives is greater than 33 percent.

Bruce Heldt, Carmel