Offer to help first responders helps keep Bolden’s Cleaning and Restoration afloat during pandemic 


By Heather Collins

Tony Jackson, a Noblesville resident and owner of Bolden’s Cleaning and Restoration, said he was looking for a way his local business could help out the community during the COVID-19 pandemic when he decided to donate free professional cleaning services to the Carmel Fire Dept. and Carmel Police Dept.’s apparatus and vehicles.

Bolden’s has always donated its services to professionally clean the vehicles for CPD and CFD. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, Bolden’s added additional fogging treatments for emergency and police vehicles on a weekly basis.

As with many local businesses, Jackson said when the pandemic began, business slowed and he was concerned about keeping his employees busy. To keep his employees working, he donated his services to clean and disinfect vehicles and apparatuses for the police and fire departments throughout Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

When the City of Carmel and the City of Fishers learned that Bolden’s was offering the services, they hire the company to disinfect essential buildings throughout the cities, including their public works buildings, city halls and fire and police stations. In Carmel, more than 150,000 square feet will be fogged on a weekly basis.

Jackson said he has been able to keep his company afloat and employees working because of the additional work that came from simply reaching out to help the community and help his employees. The Noblesville-based company has been operating for 32 years.

“As with every small business owner, I’ve been terrified to see our normal business die down to almost nothing,” Jackson said. “With the kindness of the two cities (Carmel and Fishers), we’re able to keep moving forward. We’re now going to be able to survive the downswing. If you do something good, it’s always going to come back around.”

The CPD and CFD buildings are disinfected on a bi-weekly schedule, as well are the vehicles.

The building, vehicles and apparatus are fogged with a hospital grade, EPA-registered disinfectant called Bioesque. Jackson said the fog is like a mist and is able to get into all the nooks and crannies that might be missed through normal cleaning.

Adam Harrington, CFD deputy chief of operations, said Bolden’s has previously assisted with restoration services for water pipe damage at CFD and has been involved with restoration services for residential houses impacted by fire damage throughout the community.

“They’ve always provided great service,” he said. “(Jackson) was being proactive in offering to disinfect our vehicles every week at no charge.”

Harrington said on top of disinfecting protocols provided by CFD personnel, the fogging services add a little extra peace of mind for essential workers entering the buildings. Firefighters participate in twice-daily health screenings: Once when they arrive and again at 7 p.m.

“We appreciate Bolden’s being a partner and helping keep everyone safe and healthy and promoting public safety in the community,” Harrington said.

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