Letter: Carmel police provide peace of mind



A word about our Carmel police. They are talented. Yes, a word not normally used to describe those who protect us, but they are. They make no distinction between offenders. They don’t care if you are white, black or Indian. They could care less if you are a doctor, superintendent of schools, a priest or a farm hand. They dispense the rules evenly and fairly. They are courteous, informed and keep the bad guys and gals off the streets, and crimes are solved quickly and efficiently. The Carmel police are legendary.

So, what do we get for this? Peace of mind, comfort in our safety and the freedom from worry and intrusion. Often, they protect us from each other when we get lazy or stupid. If I ever needed help, they would be the first ones I would call. And so would you!

Bernard Lally, Carmel