At the Table with Anna


Where to go: A2Z Café

Address: 4705 E. 96th St., Indianapolis.

The Hawaiian Plate comes with macaroni salad and white rice. Patrons choose between Shoyu chicken, grilled Spam, luau pork or Portuguese sausage. I chose Shoyu chicken. (Photo by Anna Skinner)

What to get: The Hawaiian Plate

Price: $13

Anna’s take: I’ve never been to Hawaii. It was my parents’ honeymoon destination, and it’s on my list of places to visit, but I have no experience with Hawaiian food. A2Z Café in northern Indianapolis was an excellent introduction, especially with the Christmas tree adorned with Spam containers at the entrance. A2Z Café is a mom-and-pop diner with traditional Hawaiian menu options and traditional American options.

On the Hawaiian side, I tried The Hawaiian Plate with Shoyu chicken, a type of Hawaiian-teriyaki chicken served with macaroni salad and white rice. It was delicious, with a unique blend of soy sauce, ginger and other ingredients.

I also tried the Loco Moco ($11), another traditional Hawaiian dish which is the epitome of comfort food with rice, a hamburger patty and two over-easy eggs smothered in brown gravy.

On the American side, I tried the Hoosier pork tenderloin ($11.50) and the sloppy Joe ($8.50). Both were delicious, and I really appreciated that A2Z Café offers traditional American fare in addition to Hawaiian dishes.