Letter: Living in land of systemic opportunity



I am a minority from a poor (legal) immigrant family. I have experienced racism, prejudice, bullying and even beatings growing up in a Caucasian neighborhood. Nevertheless, my dad taught us that regardless of racism, the USA is indeed great! In spite of her faults, we immigrated to the land to which immigrants flock. We are here not to face racism, but for the systemic opportunity. Disagree? Point to another country which provides more opportunity regardless of race, color, creed – then move there! Even Jesus lived in the time of slavery/racism and did not conquer it.

“White Fragility?” Stop apologizing for your ancestry. Celebrate it!

If we expect America to be the perfect society, forget about it. We will have to wait until we’re dead and forgiven for our own imperfections.

Until then, USA! USA! USA!

Steve Socrates, Westfield