Fishers council approved Grantham PUD, hears Cumberland Cottages introduction

CIF COM 0105 fishers council
The site for the Grantham planned unit development is at 113th Street and Southeastern Parkway. (Submitted image)

What happened: The council approved a rezone request for 118.75 acres at 113th Street and Southeastern Parkway.

  • What it means: The rezone will allow for the Grantham planned unit development to build single-family homes on the site. There will be one to two dwellings per acre, and the developer pledged to preserve some of the trees along 113th Street. There will be 35 percent open space. The council approved the rezone with a 6-3 vote.

What happened: The council heard an introduction for a rezone request of 1.82 acres at 13995 Cumberland Rd.

  • What it means: If approved, the rezone will allow for construction of Cumberland Cottages, a new project by HAND, Inc. Cumberland Cottages is proposing 11 affordable detached units for rent-geared toward single parents. The units will surround a central green, and there will be a community garden. Since the proposal was only an introduction, there was no vote, but council member Selina Stoller voiced some thoughts on the proposal.
    “I like the fact that we are targeting some low-income individuals, but I would like to see it to offer them home ownership rather than just rentals. I would like to see some of these people be able to own a home within our community as well,” Stoller said. “The other thing I would like to see is it opened up to more than just single parents. Why can’t we open up to those with disabilities or seniors or those with other situations rather than just single parents?”
    HAND Executive Director Andrea Davis said because the homes are 1 1/2 stories, they have stairs, which are typically not what seniors and those with disabilities want. She did clarify that the units will be open to anyone meeting the income qualifications.

What happened: The council unanimously approved an amendment to the salary ordinance.

  • What it means: The amendment doesn’t add a new position but changes job titles for the director of business solutions group and the director of employee and customer success to better align with the current roles.

What happened: The council unanimously approved an additional appropriation of sewer and stormwater funds.

  • What it means: City Controller Lisa Bradford said there were some unexpected expenses for the sewer and stormwater funds during the year related to certain projects, software conversion and some print/mail issues during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    “I think when it is all said and done, we will have enough money in the sewer fund. But just in case, we wanted to advertise and have a public hearing,” she said.
    The appropriation for the sewer fund is $50,000, and the appropriation for the stormwater fund is for $30,000.

What happened: The council unanimously approved an appropriation for the 2020C and 2020D bond proceeds.

  • What it means: The vote was a procedural step. At a previous meeting, the council approved the issuance of the two bonds, and the new vote allows the council to spend the bond proceeds.

What happened: The council approved a request for a pre-annexation agreement for a property at 11110 E. 106th St.

  • What it means: The property owners are building on a 5-acre lot and want to annex the property into the city. The annexation requires the property to comply with the Unified Development Ordinance standards, and also allows part of the property to be dedicated to the city.
    “The property dedication is significant,” city attorney Chris Greisl said. “When the City of Fishers goes out to do future road infrastructure projects, road widening or other capital projects, we must acquire additional right of way by acquisition or condemnation. Land prices are going up, so to be able to have property dedicated to the city is a great savings.”
    The city approved an annexation abatement over three years for the property owners.