Family celebrates three generations of students at same school building

CIF COM 0817 ISI family
From left, Mack Thomas, Todd Morrissey, Macklin Morrissey, Vivian Morrissey, Monica Morrissey and Susan Thomas. (Photo courtesy the International School of Indiana)

The first day of school at the International School of Indiana was a little bit more celebratory for one Fishers family this year. Macklin Morrissey was not only beginning kindergarten but also became the third generation of his family to attend school in the building that houses the ISI.

The building at W. 49th Street in Indianapolis was home to Indianapolis Public School’s DeWitt S. Morgan Elementary School prior to the 1994 founding of the ISI.

Macklin’s mother, Monica Morrissey, and grandfather, Mack Thomas, all attended school in the building. The school was an IPS school when Mack attended. The ISI will move to a new building on Michigan Road after the 2021-22 year.

“I started in this school in the fall of 1951, 70 years ago,” Thomas said. “I went all eight grades. I could tell you every teacher’s name. I had a great start here and it’s near and dear to my heart.”

Macklin is Monica Morrissey’s first child to start school.

“Honestly, I’m surprised that I haven’t burst into tears yet. Maybe at pickup, I don’t know. There’s also so much excitement that goes with it that really eases any nerves for me,” Monica said. “Five days a week, he’ll get to be in this place that I got to spend so much time in, too. It’s surreal.”

“They are just growing up way too fast,” Thomas said.