Comedic cabaret performer to perform at Feinstein’s


Sharon McNight is eager to get back on the road.

“The last time I worked really was January 2020 except for teaching a class or performing a benefit on Zoom,” McNight said. “It’s been quiet. That’s tough on a comedian, because you have to be funny all the time. Your passion is to be a screwball, so it’s been tough entertaining myself. It’s odd to work all your life performing and it’s a long dry spell.”

McNight will perform her unique blend of comedy and music at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 30 at Feinstein’s in Hotel Carmichael in Carmel.

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Sharon McNight will perform at Feinstein’s Oct. 30. (Photo courtesy of Dennis Ritz)

“Make you laugh and make you cry is always my motto,” McNight said. “Some of the songs I’ll be doing are written by friends of mine who are composers.”

McNight, who is based in Los Angeles, does impressions of famous actresses such as Bette Davis and Mae West. She sings “Everybody’s Girl” as Mae West.

McNight researched, wrote and performed her one-woman show, “Last of the Red Hot Mamas: the Musical Times of Sophie Tucker.” 

“I do a yodeling song, ‘I want to Be a Cowboy Sweetheart,’ which was written by Patsy Montana,” McNight said. “She was the first woman to copyright a country song in the Library of Congress.”

McNight learned how to yodel by watching Roy Rogers on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. 

“He tried to teach Johnny how to yodel ,and Johnny couldn’t do it,” she said. “I thought ‘Gee, I think I can do that,’ and the rest is history.”

McNight has performed at some of Michael Feinstein’s other clubs.

“Wherever the check doesn’t bounce is where I work,” McNight said.

McNight earned a Tony Award nomination and a Theater World Award for her performance as Diva in “Starmites” in 1989.

McNight does many charitable performances to support AIDS organizations. She was honored by having her name engraved in the Circle of Friends on San Francisco’s National AIDS Memorial in Golden Gate Park.

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