Boone County Chamber welcomes new executive director


By Sammy Bredar

The Boone County Chamber of Commerce recently hired Joslyn McGriff-Bensley as its new executive director. McGriff-Bensley, an Indianapolis resident and Wyoming native, brings experience in leadership and management to her new position.

When McGriff-Bensley first moved to Indiana, she didn’t expect to put down permanent roots.

“I’ve been living in Indianapolis proper for about four years, and I didn’t think that Indy was going to be a forever place for me,” McGriff-Bensley said. “And then that changed. I met a Hoosier, married a Hoosier and then we decided to put down roots in the Indianapolis area.”

McGriff-Bensley said her new position will allow her to connect even more with her community.

“This kind of melds some of the work that I’ve done previously with association management, nonprofit management and leadership, and I get to learn and explore and discover Boone County,” she said. “So, to me, it was really just a perfect fit.”

McGriff-Bensley is confident her skills and experience will be assets in her new position.

“My background is really in education and nonprofit management,” McGriff-Bensley said. “My experience in the fraternal world is really just working with a bunch of different organizations. So here, you take those organizations, and you just translate that into businesses.”

McGriff-Bensley already enjoys her new job.

“I’ve got a lot of goals,” she said. “We have a great foundation with the chamber. It’s a strong chamber. We’ve got a really good membership who is passionate about Boone County. My hope and my goal is to kind of build off of that. That’s my hope, is to really streamline the chamber and to elevate it.”