Letter: Barnes values all CCS parents, stakeholders as ‘one team’



We are two years past the “racial reckoning” and pandemic shutdown of 2020, and life is returning to a new normal – aside from the continuing strife, contention and polarization in our community over our city’s most valuable asset: Carmel Clay Schools.

I love my city! I love my neighbors! I love my parks! I love my property value! Our schools? I keep hearing they are the best in the state, yet I have a deep hesitancy about entrusting my most valuable assets, my children, to these top-rated schools.

I’ve talked to neighbors who describe a longstanding history of bullying and harassment in our school district, and the way adults in our community conduct themselves on social media, it’s no wonder. I’ve watched other neighbors being told their voices and opinions don’t matter — if they don’t like the way things are, “Carmel isn’t the place for them.” That’s not very neighborly, is it?

We have now had two years of “you’re either with us, or you’re a racist, a bigot, pedophile or groomer.” Enough already! Why must we choose between two extremes?

As I look at the platforms of the candidates running for school board, they all tout their support for academic excellence and parental involvement. Sheldon Barnes, a District 1 candidate, supports academic excellence and parental involvement, just like the others, but he is the only candidate with “one team” in his platform – a team that includes all parents and all stakeholders of the community.

“One team” is my choice! Vote Sheldon Barnes for District 1!

Aryca Woodson, Carmel