City of Westfield OKs $1.86M contract to upgrade turf fields


Westfield has approved a $1.86 million contract with an Ohio-based company to replace four outdoor artificial turf fields at the Grand Park Sports Complex.

The Westfield Redevelopment Commission approved the contract with The Motz Group, which will replace Fields 2 to 5 at Grand Park with work scheduled to be completed by mid-Feburary, according to the city. The company, which is based in Cincinnati, will remove the existing turf and install the new turf with a 50 percent payment due Jan. 2, 2023, a 40 percent payment due Feb. 1 and the remaining balance due upon substantial completion, according to the approved contract.

The current turf is the original turf that was installed in 2013 and is approaching the end of a traditional life cycle of turf fields, city spokesman Chris Proffitt said. The fields traditionally have an eight- to 10-year life cycle, he added.

“We are starting to see significant wear and tear on the fields,” he said.

Grand Park, which has seven outdoor turf fields, will replace four of them under the contract with The Motz Group. Grand Park, which is owned by the Westfield Redevelopment Commission, also has three indoor fields in the Grand Parks Events Center.

“We have completed annual inspections and are taking a phased approach to replace our outdoor fields,” Proffitt said. “The most significant benefit will be the new surface for our athletes to enjoy. This new playing surface will keep us competitive with new facilities.”