Candidate filing concludes in Carmel for May primary election


Candidate filing for the May 2 municipal primary election ended Feb. 3. Candidates to file are:

Carmel mayor

  • Kevin “Woody” Rider (R)
  • Sue Finkam (R)
  • Fred Glynn (R)
  • Miles Nelson (D)

Carmel city clerk

  • Jacob W. Quinn (R)

Carmel city court judge

  • Brian G. Poindexter (R)

Carmel City Council Northwest District

  • Sheldon Barnes (R)
  • Danny Niederberger (R)
  • Ryan Locke (R)

Carmel City Council North Central District

  • Leah York (R)
  • Teresa Ayers (R)
  • Jonathan Blake (R) (Withdrawn from this race)
  • Chuck Ford (R)
  • Courtney Culver (D)

Carmel City Council South Central District

  • Anthony (Tony) Green (R)
  • Jessica Irvine (D)

Carmel City Council Northeast District

  • Jason Engle (R)
  • Shannon Minnaar (R)

Carmel City Council Southeast District

  • Adam Aasen (R)
  • Jeremy Eltz (D)

Carmel City Council West District

  • Ven Tadikonda (R)
  • Loren Matthes (R)
  • Anita Joshi (D)

Carmel City Council at-large (vote for three)

  • Rich Taylor (R)
  • Matthew J. Snyder (R)
  • Jeff Worrell (R)
  • Jonathan K. Blake (R)
  • Jake Madore (D)
  • Sara Draper (D)