Column: Got a minute?


If you had to choose between time or money, which would you choose?

If you feel like time is moving faster than ever, I couldn’t agree more. When the weekend arrives, it seems like we just had one. The COVID-19 slowdown put a new emphasis on time. Suddenly, we could clean our closets, redecorate, do new landscaping and read the stack of books sitting by our bed. Then it was over and we scrambled to catch up.

Positive emotions make time seem to go faster than negative emotions. Remember chemistry class when you thought it would never end? Sports couldn’t exist without time rules. Baseball is now changing its rules to make the game go faster.

We all start each day with 24 hours, 168 hours for the week. Rich people don’t get more than anyone else. All we can do is change the emotions we have about how we use our time. We can decide to eliminate activities that aren’t beneficial. We can share work to get it done faster.

Living in a retirement community puts a new emphasis on use of time. I compare it to going to college, with meals, activities and classes at a certain time. There is a structure that allows residents to plan the use of their time.

We wear watches, have clocks, look at our phones – constantly monitoring the time. The time change in spring and fall requires a mental and physical adjustment. Traveling to other time zones creates jet lag, and it takes time for our bodies to adjust.

If I had more time I would add to this column, but I have just run out.