‘A Good Person’ tells a very good story


Synopsis: Daniel (Morgan Freeman) is brought together with Allison (Florence Pugh), a once-thriving young woman with a bright future who was involved in an unimaginable tragedy that took his daughter’s life. As grief-stricken Daniel navigates raising his teenage granddaughter and Allison seeks redemption, they discover that friendship, forgiveness, and hope can flourish in unlikely places.

In his first film in five years, “A Good Person” director Zach Braff unfolds a story about grief and overcoming tragedy. Braff, who also serves as one of the film’s producers, wrote the screenplay for Pugh during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown while grieving the deaths of his sister, father and two close friends. Pugh and Braff were living together at the time.

During a Q&A at the film’s London premiere, Braff said that while “A Good Person” is intense, it has light-hearted moments.

“I strategically designed places for the audience to have a rest, a breath, a laugh, because that’s actually what happens in life,” Braff said. “Some of it is heartbreaking, but I also wanted to write about it with my own style, which is to find the humor in it all. I have a very funny family, and we always find a way to laugh our way through things, even the painful things.”

Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman and Oscar nominee Nominee Florance Pugh give powerful performances as two people entwined by tragedy, trying to rebuild themselves around the loss they’ve suffered. The characters illustrate the choices we make between holding on and letting go.

“A Good Person” is a story for anyone who’s searched for a person’s lost echoes. Sometimes the best comfort is inviting memories of joy into our present grief and allowing them to live in the quiet corners of our day.