Letter: Former co-worker supports Stehr for mayor



As a Zionsville resident, I was thrilled when I learned that John Stehr is running for mayor. I first met John in 1997 when I joined the WTHR, NBC affiliate sales team. Two years earlier, John had joined WTHR as lead news anchor. His experience, skills, contacts and communication values are absolutely the best qualifications for this position of leadership.

On-air news is a very competitive business. When John joined the station, WTHR was in last place in news viewership between the competing stations in the Indianapolis market. However, within the next five years, with John as lead anchor, WTHR became central Indiana’s dominant news station, remaining the leader throughout our careers.

The skills of a news anchor/reporter are very much the same skills needed for our Zionsville Mayor.

Just wanted to share my thoughts. Thank you!

Susan Carr, Zionsville