Letter: Former deputy mayor supports Burgess



As a former town manager and deputy mayor for Zionsville, I have seen the importance of the role of mayor and who holds that position. The mayor sets the direction for the community that has immediate impacts on citizens as well as long-term implications for our town.

Over many years, (mayoral candidate) Jane (Burgess) and I worked closely together on several projects that affected the school corporation and town in our respective governing roles. She is open-minded, thorough in her understanding of issues, a champion of fiscal accountability, and very dedicated to this community. These are all the attributes and strengths we want in our mayor. The town needs Jane’s leadership abilities.

Jane has a plan to get our town back on solid financial ground, and I am confident that she will. We need an experienced leader who is ready on Day 1. We’ve seen what happens if you have someone in office that lacks such experience. With her years of experience in elected office – and with her abilities — Jane is the clear choice in this election.

I wholeheartedly support Jane for mayor of Zionsville.

Thank you,

Edward J. Mitro,, former Zionsville town manager and deputy mayor