Letter: Burgess has experience to be mayor



As a 30-year member of this community and as someone who served in Boone County government, I want to see a Zionsville mayor who is professional, respectful, has strong values and listens. Someone who can get us back on the right track. Our clear choice is Jane Burgess.

Jane has been working in and for the betterment of Zionsville for the past 21 years. We elected her to three terms on the school board and entrusted her with the safety and education of our children. During that time, Jane worked with all our town’s critical partners — the police and fire department, the town council, the redevelopment commission, our local business owners, and numerous nonprofits. She is the only candidate with that valuable hands-on experience. On Day 1 as mayor, Jane can draw on long-standing relationships and her critical leadership experience.

Our town deserves better. The most recent state board of accounts audit showed misappropriation of funds, improper use of town credit cards and unapproved expenditures. Our town council went two years without seeing financial statements due to a botched conversion of accounting systems. As a result, Standard & Poor’s dropped our town bond rating from AA+ to AA with a negative outlook.

Jane’s priority is to get our financial house back in order and to restore trust in the mayor’s office. Jane has a plan for her first 90 days in the office that includes an audit of our financials and internal controls. She will meet with our state auditors and S&P to determine the best path back to financial responsibility and trust for Zionsville.

Please join me in supporting Jane for mayor!

Gene Thompson, Zionsville