New restaurant specializes in Hispanic seafood, steak


Isaac Garcia has been involved with professional cooking since moving to the United States from Mexico. After working with American food for 14 years, he has opened a restaurant of his own with family members Omar Sampayo, Claudia Arellano, Hila Arellano, and Manuel Arellano.

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The three-pound tomahawk is one of the menu items at the newly opened Terramar Mariscos y Carnes in Lawrence. (Photo Courtesy of Daniela Sampoya)

Garcia, a Fishers resident, opened the family-owned restaurant Terramar Mariscos y Carnes on Jan 2. The business at 8143 Pendleton Pike in Lawrence has separated itself from most dinner places by offering Hispanic seafood dishes and steak.

Daniela Sampayo, Garcia’s niece and general manager of the restaurant, said she and her family moved from Tulancingo, Hidalgo, Mexico in 2009. They have created culturally blended recipes not commonly found in traditional American restaurants.

“It’s going to be Hispanic seafood,” she said. “It’s seafood from a little bit of everywhere. It’s not just down to Mexican seafood, but rather Hispanic.”

For first-time customers looking to try a Hispanic seafood dish, Sampayo recommends the filled coconut – a coconut stuffed with cold seafood such as octopus and shrimp. Mango and salsa, along with chili and cucumber, are in the dish as well.

Seafood dishes are made with “100 percent authentic meat from the sea,” according to the restaurant’s website.

For customers looking for a land-based dish, the restaurant specializes in steak dinners as well. Sampayo recommends the 3-pound tomahawk, a steak with mushrooms and onions on top, served with vegetables, a salad and rice. Customers have alternative side options as well.

The Terramar Mariscos y Carnes operates Monday through Sunday, opening at 11 a.m. with varying closing times. Menu options can be explored at