New signage for dangerous intersection


A busy intersection in Zionsville is receiving new signage after residents raised concerns about safety after multiple car accidents.

The intersection in question is at County Road 875 E. and 400 S.

The Town of Zionsville announced April 26 that the Department of Public Works will be working with the Boone County Commissioners to establish an agreement for conducting an updated traffic study following construction of a new roundabout as well as new signage for 400 S.

The new signage will include the following:

  • The west leg of 400 S. will have a second stop sign that will say “cross traffic does not stop” (as it exists on the east leg) and a “stop ahead” sign that will say “cross traffic does not stop.” The east leg of 400 S will have a “cross traffic does not stop” added to the existing stop ahead sign.

“The intersection has been an issue for a few years now, I think since 2021,” Zionsville resident Marie Black said. “It seems like it’s been accident after accident there, and we need some better safety measures set in place, more than new signage again.”

Despite a traffic study conducted in 2021 by the Indiana Local Technical Assistance Program and the implementation of recommended safety measures of additional signage and tree trimming, residents are still voicing concerns through a petition on social media and at town council meetings.

The main concern for residents is the detour that’s in place now while the roundabout at the intersection of Oak Street and CR 800 East is under construction. The detour will go through 875 E.  and residents fear it will pose more safety concerns because of additional traffic.

An updated traffic study would not be viable until after the new roundabout at Oak Street and 800 E. is completed because of the detour, according to the Town of Zionsville.

“The issue that we face with the intersection is representative of many issues in Zionsville and our society as a whole,” Zionsville resident Denise Macler said. “The issues are complex, and causes are multifactorial. We will fail to solve the problem if we identify only a part of the equation. Problem-solving requires both quantitative analysis and valuable input from citizens experiencing repeated near misses. We need to acknowledge that the causes are both human and infrastructure related. Our town and citizens must be willing to address both driver distraction and street improvements to ensure the safety of all.”

Macler said she plans to present at the May 15 Zionsville Town Council meeting with further information regarding the intersection and suggestions for the town.

A petition for the intersection can be found at