Developer submits revised plan for apartments, commercial outlot along Michigan Road in Carmel


REI Real Estate Services has submitted plans to the City of Carmel to construct 252 multifamily units and a commercial outlot along Michigan Road, a revised version of a development the Carmel Plan Commission denied last year.

The previous plan originally called for 244 apartments and four commercial outlots. The plan commission voted 5-4 to deny the proposal in May 2022.

In documents filed with the city’s planning department, REI describes changes from the original plan.

“REI has worked to refashion the layout to increase the distances between the 3-story multifamily buildings and adjacent residences,” the planning document states. “Further adjustments have been made to incorporate an eight-foot-tall wood fence around the northern, eastern and southern borders.”

The new plan for the development, known as The Edge at West Carmel, also includes additional street trees along the main thoroughfare and increased landscaping throughout the site. An outlot previously planned at the southwestern corner of the site has been removed to incorporate additional greenspace.

The 22-acre site, which is zoned B3 and in the Michigan Road corridor overlay zone, was previously home to Altum’s Landscape and Nursery, which moved to Zionsville in the summer of 2021.

Apartments are typically permitted in B3 zoning, but the site is subject to commitments approved in 1988 that exclude them. Per the commitments, apartments may be granted as a permitted use by the plan commission.

Carmel’s Technical Advisory Committee is set to review the proposal at its July 19 meeting.