Zionsville Plan Commission approves Crew Carwash development plan


The Zionsville Plan Commission unanimously approved a petition for a Crew Carwash development at 6419 E. Whitestown Pkwy., during its July 17 meeting at Town Hall.

The current zoning is Rural General Business District within the Interstate-65 Overlay. The land is undeveloped. The subject site is 2.5-plus acres in the northern portion of an 8.10-plus-acre parcel of land.

CIZ DOUGH 0801 Crew Car wash 1
A map of the subject site was presented at the July 17 meeting. (Photo courtesy of Zionsville Planned Commission)

According to the planned unit development staff notes, the property owner of the leasehold parcel, C & V Farm, LLC, has agreed to a long-term lease for the proposed development.

The new facility will consist of a car wash building and an interior car wash building. The development will include vacuum bays, stacking lanes for car wash building access and an employee parking area.

Planning staff notes on the project state that an Improvement Location Permit will be required from the town before sitework or construction can begin.

Senior Planner Roger Kilmer said that the planning staff was favorable to conditional approval of the development plan, not including signage.

Plan Commission member Larry Jones questioned the road designs of the project on the north end around the interior car wash.

Mike Timko with Kimley-Horn Civil Engineering said that the developer received a request from the fire department to have a looped drive to have easier access in case of a fire.

Travis Smith, director of real estate at Crew Carwash, explained to the commission how the car wash would operate.

“There is a conveyor belt that moves along slowly while you get out of the car, drink coffee, walk along the side, while (employees) clean the interior of your car,” Smith said. “When I tell people what I do for a living, the No. 1 complaint I get is that there aren’t enough of these.”

Timko said that a traffic study was conducted, and Boone County drainage approval was received for the project.