Presidential hopeful Binkley shares “different vision” for Republican party at GOP breakfast event in Carmel 


A Texas businessman and pastor hoping to become the nation’s next president stopped in Carmel Aug. 16 to share his “different vision” for the Republican party.

Ryan Binkley, who founded Create Church in Richardson, Texas, was one of two featured speakers at the Hamilton County Republican Party’s Chairman’s Breakfast at Bar Louie.

In an increasingly crowded Republican field that includes well known candidates such as former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Binkley, who has never held elected political office, said he is the only GOP contender with a plan to balance the budget within seven years. He said the nation’s debt, which has been increased by presidents of both major parties, is a threat to freedom.

“Right now, most of my counterparts are just business as usual, but this is a huge problem,” Binkley said. “Every time we run the printing presses, inflation happens.”

The father of five said he also stands apart from other Republican candidates because of his comprehensive immigration plan. He supports the Dignity Act, a proposal with bipartisan support that would, among other measures, grant work authorization to undocumented immigrants who pay a fee and meet other conditions.

He said the Republican party needs to stop ignoring groups that typically vote Democrat, such as college students and residents of large cities. Among his proposals is an initiative for college students to volunteer five hours a week to tutor urban children in reading, writing and math.

“When we start diving into urban America, not ignoring it, we’re going to change the culture,” he said. “This (political) division that we’re in is only going to be handled one way, and I really see it as a movement of loving your neighbor.”

Binkley said he has nearly received contributions from enough donors to be eligible to participate in the first Republican primary debate, set for Aug. 23 in Milwaukee Wisc. The debate will be aired by Fox News.

Sue Finkam, a Carmel city councilor running as the Republican nominee for mayor, also spoke at the breakfast.