The Fort Golf Resort hosts field trip


The Fort Golf Resort hosted a unique field trip Sept. 12 when 105 students from Crestview Elementary School attended an interactive learning experience focused on nature.

The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America  sponsored the educational First Green event at The Fort Golf Resort, 6002 North Post Rd. in Lawrence. Golf activities that included academic lessons were put together for students, introducing them to the sport while teaching concepts that could be used in classrooms.

Leann Cooper, senior manager of First Green at GCSAA, said the GCSAA First Green program is in 39 states and has reached approximately 10,000 students. The program incorporates science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) into activities that students get to experience in a real-life setting.

“(The activities) are hands-on,” Cooper said. “Getting their hands into the dirt, learning more about soil science. They might learn about the cool tools that the superintendent uses to keep the grass green.”

Crestview Elementary School fourth-grade teacher Josh Peavler said the school has made annual trips to The Fort Golf Resort for several years.

“We’ve done a lot of collaboration to figure out how the field trip can be more meaningful and connected to do what the students do in the classroom,” Peavler said.

He said students learn how to swing and putt on the golf courses. Measuring activities are taught as well. Aside from golf-focused activities, the program included lessons about nature.

One environmental activity included Deer Run, a game where students played different roles like deer and habitat. The game focused on scarcity and demonstrated the importance of resources and habitat, and how they affect wildlife.

“Children have a hard time making connections in many ways,” Peavler said. “So, making it as meaningful as possible is what we’re trying to do so they do remember.”