Opinion: Tired of  jumping through Hulu hoops


I am so irritated right now. I just wanted to have a nice morning sipping coffee and Googling dream vacations while Ryder Cup matches played quietly in the background. But no. Stupid Hulu has decided to mess with me, and my husband, Doo, has made it worse. Here’s the lowdown.

For some reason when I switched on the TV, Hulu asked me to sign in. This is an annoying process that includes — but is not limited to — tracking down a crazy password that consists of numbers, letters, symbols, swear words and the blood of a sacrificial lamb. Doo insisted I use a generated one, and he changes it periodically because god forbid someone hacks my “Handmaid’s Tale” streaming account.

Anyhoo, I hail Doo as he’s heading for the door, and he tells me to open Last Pass. What the heck is Last Pass? “I helped you set it up. It has all the passwords.” He is correct. He did. I found it buried among my apps and discovered three different passwords for Hulu. I picked one at random and painstakingly used the remote to enter it, deftly toggling between 17 screens and praying I capitalized the middle Q. Denied. “It didn’t wooooooorrrrk!” I whine.

Eyeballing me like I’m a dummy, he showed me his phone, where Hulu is condescendingly open. “Try it on your computer,” he said. I did, but it signed me in automatically. “Log out and reenter everything.” Login failed. Then Doo left, mumbling he didn’t have time for this nonsense, and I was left with only my coffee and Google, no calming British accents or green grass in sight. Sonofa! Stupid Hulu.

Peace out.