Jennings seeks District 4 Lawrence council seat

Jennings 1

Carlos Jennings, 59, is running as a Democrat for the District 4 seat on the Lawrence Common Council. Jennings has been a resident of Lawrence for about 13 years, has worked for Honer Electric more than 20 years and is the supervisor of the production department. He has served on different HOA boards in the community.

Q — What can you offer to the citizens of Lawrence as an elected official?

A — As an elected official of Lawrence, I would strive to ensure transparency in decision-making, processes, budgets and actions, and be accountable for my decisions and actions.

Q — How will you ensure that all residents of Lawrence feel welcome, included and heard by their elected officials?

A — I plan to enact and enforce policies that promote fairness, equality and inclusivity in all aspects of governance, from housing to education to employment. I will actively engage with community members to understand their needs, concerns, and perspectives, and involve them in decision-making processes.

Q — How do you envision future cooperation between the mayor and Common Council?

A — I plan to keep the lines of communication open, have regular joint meetings and workshops, and prioritize conflict resolution and compromise when different options arise.

Q — What do you consider the most important issue facing the City of Lawrence in the next four years and how will you address it?

A — Crime and safety have been an issue that I have heard a lot about while I was out knocking on doors. Some solutions will be managing crime rates and enhancing community safety through effective law enforcement and community engagement initiatives. Affordable housing is another issue that comes up in connection with education. Lawrence residents want their representative to ensure access to quality education, addressing disparities in educational outcomes and supporting schools to meet the needs of diverse student populations.