Lawrence board OKs added costs for wells, water mains


The City of Lawrence Utilities Service Board approved two action items during its Oct. 10 meeting that mean increased costs for two projects: new wells in the Fort Harrison area, and the city’s water main improvements project.

Lawrence gets its drinking water from an underground aquifer, and wells provide access to that water. Utilities Superintendent Scott Salsbery told the board that the city learned a bridge leading to one of the well sites was not rated to bear the weight of equipment needed for the project.

“So, we’ve had (the contractor) go ahead and issue a supplement to that task, which is what’s before you tonight,” he said. “And what that’s going to do is it’s going to address the engineering design work and stuff that’s needed to get that bridge design so that it can handle (the weight).”

Costs for the additional work are not yet known. The work also will include engineering for infrastructure related to the new wells.

A $134,175 change order for the city’s water main project includes additional fill to support new pipes, and additional replacement pipes. Salsbery told the board that the additional pipes will ensure the city is in compliance with lead and copper requirements.

He said the change order means costs will exceed the contract amount, but the city will be able to absorb those costs through its water capital fund.

Both motions were unanimously approved. The next Lawrence Utilities Service Board meeting is 5:30 p.m. Oct. 24 in the Public Assembly Room at Lawrence Government Center.