Letter: Finkam has demonstrated fiscal discipline, transparency



I served as the first director of Mitch Daniels’ Office of Management and Budget. So, I am naturally focused on the fiscal health and management of our state and local governments. After considering both candidates for Carmel mayor, I will be casting my vote for Sue Finkam.

First, Sue put her fiscal policy in writing so that every single Carmel voter is clear on her priorities. This is important because we should have clarity regarding how our mayor will spend our hard-earned tax dollars.

Second, Sue has been leading on fiscal matters throughout her entire 12 years on the Carmel City Council. She has served as both the president and the finance chair. As just one example of her leadership, Sue brought transparency when the Hotel Carmichael project greatly exceeded its budget. As president of the council, she commissioned an investigation of how the Carmel Redevelopment Commission and administration had managed the project, demanded transparency on the considerable cost overruns and led the council in adopting reforms to how city projects are budgeted, constructed and reported to taxpayers.

Most importantly to me, Sue has identified that actions by the Indiana General Assembly earlier this year will result in a loss of $60 million in revenue to Carmel over the next 10 years. This will impact the city’s budget and its ability to maintain its infrastructure and deliver on its promise of extraordinary service. Sue is focused on strategies to mitigate this loss of revenue and ensure that Carmel can protect its world class quality of life.

Sue has demonstrated her leadership and commitment to fiscal discipline and transparency over the last 12 years. She’s the only candidate that is focused on the looming $60 million loss of revenue for the city and its residents. For these reasons, I’ll be enthusiastically voting for Sue Finkam for Carmel mayor.

Charles Schalliol, Carmel