Letter: Aasen a leader in protecting animals locally, statewide  



Election day is approaching – and though we aren’t voting for our statewide and federal representatives this year, municipal elections are just as important when it comes to getting folks in office who will legislate to stop animal cruelty at the source. Carmel City Councilor Adam Aasen is someone who understands these stakes and is a candidate we can count on when it comes to protecting our furry and feathered friends.

Councilman Aasen has repeatedly acted on his commitment to animal protection. He championed Carmel’s humane pet store ordinance, a law which has successfully banned the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores across the city. Aasen has also been an invaluable ally in fighting state-level preemption bills which would make the passage of municipal pro-animal measures like the humane pet store ordinance impossible. As a municipal official himself, Aasen is familiar with the necessity of local-level regulations in the mission to end animal cruelty. He voiced his experience on the issue in the press and to state legislators, advocating for local governments to retain control of passing laws related to animal protection.

Aasen has already proven himself to be an ally and a leader on issues impacting animals in his community and across the state. This November, let’s go to the polls and support local officials like Councilman Adam Aasen who will keep working to defend the most vulnerable among us.

Samantha Chapman, Fishers, Indiana State Director of The Humane Society Legislative Fund of Indiana