Actress lands in familiar role in ‘Lost in Yonkers’


“Lost in Yonkers” has a familiar feel for Becca Bartley.

ND LOST IN YONKERS 0130 Bartley head shot

“I played Bella in my final show in high school, also directed by Jen Otterman, who was a teacher at the time,” said Bartley, a Hamilton Southeastern High School graduate. “The opportunity to reprise a character can be unique as is, but I could not pass up the chance to share the experience again with Jen. I am honored to be able to recreate this character layered with more nuances and life experiences from my own journey.”

Bartley, a Westfield resident, plays Bella Kurnitz in Main Street Productions’ performances of Neil Simon’s “Lost in Yonkers” Feb.8-18 at Basile Westfield Playhouse.

“There is so much about Bella to love,” Bartley said. “She has a giant heart, is resilient and is full of energy. Her world paradigm may have some truly deep sorrows, but they do not keep her from experiencing the fullness of joy. But most of all, Bella is a highly underestimated character. I love that she finds the courage to take a stand for herself and become a woman she can be proud of.”

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Bella plays the aunt of Jay and Arty Kurnitz. Noblesville High School freshman Drake Lockwood, 14, plays Jay. Carmel resident Finley Eyers plays Arty.

“I’m really enjoying it because it’s a coming-of age-story,” Lockwood said. “I’m able to get in depth with the level of emotions in the character. I’ve gotten to get a great bond with all the cast members.”

The show is Lockwood’s first at Basile Westfield Playhouse.

ND LOST IN YONKERS 0130 Johnson head shot

Carmel resident Thom Johnson plays Louie Kurnitz, who is uncle to the boys and a mobster.

“It’s a wonderful role to be in,” he said. “I get to be a friend while their dad is out trying to make a buck to support them. That’s why they are at Grandma’s house. I think my character is more comic relief than the others. I enjoy that. I get to be a hard guy but then a softie with the boys and his sister.”

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