Allisonville Road closures looming in March for interchange project


Portions of Allisonville Road will close in March as construction continues on the interchange project on 146th Street and Allisonville Road. Eastbound and westbound 146th Street will remain open to through-traffic throughout the closure, according to Hamilton County.

Allisonville Road will be closed between 146th Street and Kensington Drive and 146th Street and Helmsley Court. The detour route will be 131st Street, Allisonville Road to Ind. 37 and up to Greenfield Avenue, then to Allisonville Road or 10th Street.

The closures on Allisonville Road will be 90-day closures. The roads are expected to reopen around Memorial Day, said Brad Davis, director of the Hamilton County Highway Department. Property owners within closure limits will still have access to their property.

“(The contractors) phase their work in different times for what they’re doing so they can control traffic better, allow movements to continue to occur as long as they can so that we minimize the disruption to the motorists,” Davis said. “It’s unavoidable with construction, of course, but they work their method and their closures and things to minimize the amount of disruption that we have to do to travelers.”

The 146th Street and Allisonville Road project involves converting the intersection to a grade-separation interchange. Davis said the 146th Street corridor will go up and over Allisonville Road. There will be ramps on and off 146th Street to Allisonville Road that feed into a roundabout underneath the bridge.

“The project itself is going to alleviate congestion at this intersection and some safety issues that, in the past, have occurred there,” Davis said. “It’ll make it a much safer location for travelers as well as much more efficient traffic flow.”

The project is expected to be completed by the middle of 2025. For more, visit