Former State Sen. Kenley receives State Health Commissioner Award


Former State Sen. Luke Kenley, a Noblesville resident, received a State Health Commissioner Award Feb. 22 from State Health Commissioner Lindsay Weaver for supporting public health. Kenley represented District 20, which covered Hamilton, Tipton, Madison, Grant and Howard counties, from 1992 to 2017.

Kenley received the award during Public Health Day at the Statehouse, where Indiana public health advocates celebrated the role public health plays and learned more about efforts that are underway to improve how services are delivered across the state.

After he left the General Assembly, Kenley served as co-chair of the Governor’s Public Health Commission, which studied Indiana’s public health system and made recommendations. The recommendations from the commission formed the basis of Health First Indiana, legislation passed by the 2023 Indiana General Assembly that invested in public health and made sure Hoosiers had access to core public health services.

“Through visionary foresight and tireless advocacy, Kenley has catalyzed transformative change in shaping the future of public health in our state,” Weaver stated. “His pioneering efforts have not only advanced the cause of public health but have also inspired a new generation of leaders to champion health and innovation.”