Carmel Clay Schools sees mid-year jump in multilingual learners


The Carmel Clay Schools board of trustees met Feb. 26 to hear a report on a higher than expected increase this school year in multilingual learners, approve a policy that prohibits companion animals on school property and establish a legal fee reporting threshold.

What happened: Amy Dudley, CCS assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, gave a presentation about the number of multilingual learners in the district, which increased more than typical this school year.

What it means: CCS has experienced a 26 percent jump in the number of students who are multilingual learners and considered to have limited English proficiency, making them eligible for support services. Dudley said many of the students have enrolled during the school year at campuses throughout the district.

What’s next: CCS will consider adding staff or other services to provide support for multilingual learners in advance of the 2024-25 school year if existing resources are not sufficient at that time.


What happened: The board approved a policy update that prohibits companion animals on CCS property or CCS-sponsored events.

What it means: Pets will no longer be permitted on school property. CCS officials said the update is in part a response to an incident in which a pet brought to recess bit someone. CCS employees can bring therapy dogs on school property but must receive approval beforehand to do so.


What happened: The board voted 4-1 to establish a legal fee reporting threshold.

What it means: The resolution is in response to a new state law that requires the superintendent to notify the school board when legal expenses are expected to exceed a certain amount, with the reporting threshold set by the board. The board set the threshold at $10,000 per category (general matters, litigation, student issues, real estate, records request, personnel and special education) per month. School board member Greg Brown voted in opposition after requesting the threshold be set at $5,000.

What’s next: The board will be notified monthly of any legal expenses that exceed the threshold.