Additional parking added to Westfield Library project


With downtown development ramping up in Westfield, the city will add additional parking spots along Park Street, with assistance from the library.

On Feb. 26, the Westfield City Council approved an interlocal agreement between the City of Westfield, the Westfield Washington Library and Westfield Washington Township to add that parking project as a part of the construction of the new library at the corner of Park and Poplar Streets.

Johnathon Nail, director of public works, told the members of the city council that the agreement will add 14 angled parking spaces along Park Street adjacent to the library project.

“It will add this work into the library’s project, and the city will then compensate the library,” Nail said. “Ultimately, we were very interested in adding parking where we can on Park Street, and the library can do this as part of their project cheaper than the city can do it as a stand-alone project, given that the contractor is already mobilized, they have equipment out there and material available.”

Per the agreement, the city will pay the library district $85,273 to incorporate the parking project into its existing facility construction project. The scope of the work will include curbs and sidewalk construction along with the 14 stalls.

City leaders said they were excited about the addition to the library project, which is set to be completed this spring. The new 55,000 square-foot facility will be portioned with approximately 80 percent library space and 20 percent space for Westfield Washington Township.

“I do want to thank the library,” Councilmember Patrick Tamm said. “We’re all looking forward to getting into a new library space as well as the township’s new meeting space.”

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