Column: Fishers artist inspired by the sky


Feeling a little stale and need a shot of inspiration? We all have periods of low energy or lack of enthusiasm, don’t we? The challenge is how we push through them. If you’re a “creative” or entrepreneur, this anti-staleness strategy can have a major impact on your livelihood.

So, how do you get your creative on? Me? Oh, I have a diverse portfolio of tools designed to stimulate, but more on that next time.

Martin Fitzgerald, a Fishers resident and acrylic artist, simply goes outside and gets inspiration from the sky, where all true colors reside! I dig that! His father was an artist, which is where Fitzgerald received his inspiration and training. No formal classes, which I find loads of and appreciate.

One of his inspiring techniques is to pair his paintings with a song that is best enjoyed while viewing. Check out Fitzgerald’s Facebook page for his art/music pairings.

Marilyn Wilson, an inspiring 80-year-young Zionsville resident by way of the Meridian Kessler area and California, has several strategies to “get her creative on” that most of us will appreciate. And they are really mechanisms to avoid boredom, which she has a low tolerance for. Amen to that!

She loves her iPhone photography while out walking when unusual things catch her eye. Recently, a grove of flowering dogwood trees in Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis were subjects. She will employ them in greeting cards with a personal poem or note to uplift someone.

Wilson is inspired by quirky phrases and pops in the shower when she needs a burst of creativity. Hey, it works!

So, how do you get your creative on? Send me an email and tell me your story. Let’s help unclog the stale energy in someone who may appreciate it.