Gap project complete for Westfield trails


Walkers, runners and bicyclists heading out as the weather warms up can now connect to more areas of Westfield. The City of Westfield Public Works and Parks and Recreation departments announced this month that a project to fill five gaps within the city’s trail system is complete.

The goal of the project was to pave several key locations where the trails were incomplete, providing better connectivity under U.S. 31 and creating a continuous access to the west.

Areas that are now complete include:

  • 156th Street under U.S. 31 connecting to Cool Creek Park
  • Westfield Boulevard under U.S. 31 connecting to Cool Creek Park
  • Midland Trail from U.S. 31 west to the Monon Trail
  • Midland Trail along 175th Street, connecting Quaker Park to Austrian Pine Way
  • Spring Mill Perimeter Trail, linking Mulberry Farms to the Spring Mill Station development

“Westfield is a fantastic place to live, but we don’t have mountains or oceans,” Mayor Scott Willis stated. “Our trail system is our beachfront property, and with these essential connections completed, we now have over 100 miles of trails within the city. I am committed to expanding our trail network to be one of the best in Indiana.”

Planning is also underway to add an additional 3 miles to the Midland Trace Trail, which follows the abandoned Central Indiana Railway ruling parallel to and just south of Ind. 32. When complete, the 4.8 mile-trial will stretch for 8 miles.

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