Victim identified in Fox Hollow Farm investigation in Westfield


Hamilton County Coroner Jeff Jellison announced May 21 that another victim believed to be killed by alleged serial killer Herb Baumestier at Fox Hollow Farm in Westfield 30 years ago has been identified.

Jellison said human remains originally recovered from Fox Hollow Farm in 1996 have been identified as belonging to Jeffrey A. Jones of Fillmore. Jones was reported missing in August 1993.

fox hollow farm
More than 10,000 human remains were found at Herb Baumeister’s Fox Hollow Farm in Westfield in the 1990s. Baumeister died by suicide in 1996. (File photo)

The remains were identified through an extensive forensic genetic genealogy investigation conducted by the FBI and the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office.

Jones is now the second new victim and the third positive identification to come from the renewed investigation into more than 10,000 remains recovered at Fox Hollow Farm. According to Jellison, investigators have four additional DNA profiles that have not been identified, bringing the total number of victims to 12.

The four unidentified DNA profiles will also be sent to the FBI for genetic genealogy investigation.

“Because many of the remains were found burnt and crushed, this investigation is extremely challenging; however, the team of law enforcement and forensic specialists working the case remain committed,” Jellison stated. “A special thanks goes to the very talented and hardworking people at the FBI, Indiana State Police Laboratory, Dr. Krista Latham of the Biology & Anthropology Department at the University of Indianapolis, and DNA experts from Texas based Othram Laboratory.”

Baumeister mugsot

Jellison’s office renewed the effort to identify remains found at the farm in 2022.

Baumeister, a Westfield resident, died by suicide in 1996. He shot himself after an investigation by law enforcement and an excavation of the wooded area behind his estate on 156th Street performed by the University of Indianapolis Anthropology and Archaeology Department revealed more than 10,000 charred and crushed human remains, ranging from long bones to fragments as small as fingernails.

The charred remains were housed at the University of Indianapolis beginning in 1996. The investigation gained new life when the family of Allen Livingston of Indianapolis, missing since 1993, contacted the coroner to see if there was a possibility that Livingston was one of Baumeister’s victims.

Besides Jones, Livingston was newly identified as one of the victims in October 2023. Remains belonging to Manuel Resendez, who was one of the original eight victims, were also identified through DNA this year.

Jellison said the total number of victims remains unknown.

All of Baumeister’s known victims went missing in the early- to mid-90s and were last seen at gay bars in the Indianapolis area. Jellison said anyone with missing family members who they believe may have been victims of Baumeister to come forward for a DNA swab.