Plans for Westfield Washington Schools event center forwarded to Westfield City Council


Plans have advanced through Westfield’s Advisory Plan Commission to turn the former Westfield Washington Public Library into a new facility for Westfield Washington Schools.

The school district plans to renovate the building at 333 W. Hoover St. into event and programming space. Plans for a change of zoning request to provide additional educational opportunities within the space and for site and building improvements were before the APC for a public hearing May 8.

The project includes a 27,300-square-foot renovation of the existing building and a 9,700-square-foot building addition. The building is between Westfield Middle School and Westfield High School and will serve the school district by providing an event programming space, a culinary arts space and educational space for life skills programming.

Matt Skelton, partner with Church Church Hittle & Antrim which is representing the school district, gave an overview of the plans to commissioners.

“The building is being remodeled significantly on the inside,” Skelton said. “The land use is permitted today, the school owns the property today. This is really to accommodate about a 3,400-square-foot (update) of the building. It will make it look like part of the school campus. It’s really fascinating. All of the events will be planned, performed and coordinated by kids. It’s teaching them the hospitality business, and Westfield is in the hospitality business.”

Members of the APC called the plan a “no-brainer” for the school district, adding that the opportunity for the school district to create the event center is a benefit for the schools and the community as a whole.

The APC voted to waive the workshop meeting and forwarded the project to the Wesftield City Council with a favorable recommendation. The council is expected to approve the proposal in June.

The project is estimated at $15 million for both hard and soft costs. A preliminary timeline includes a bid date this fall with construction completion prior to the beginning of the 2025-26 school year.

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