Zionsville one step closer to taking Whitestown court cases


The Town of Zionsville could begin taking court cases from Whitestown by July.

In May, Zionsville Mayor John Stehr told members of the town council that the neighboring towns were in negotiations for Zionsville to handle Whitestown’s local cases at Zionsville Town Court — the limited jurisdiction court that handles local ordinance violations and infractions.

Stehr gave an update on the proposal before the Town Council June 3

“We have an agreement in principle to the arrangement. Attorneys from both sides have now signed off,” Stehr said. “The agreement is now on (Town) Judge (Samantha) Spencer’s desk for her approval. After that, both town councils will have to agree. By the way the calendar falls over the next several weeks, we expect Whitestown to vote on it first, and if they approve it, we will bring it to (Zionsville Town Council) on July 1.”

Stehr said Whitestown no longer operates its own local court system. That means those minor infractions, such as moving violations or local ordinance violations, need to be prosecuted through Boone County Court. Prosecuting those violations locally would save Whitestown on court costs.

Stehr said in May that Zionsville is not looking to make a profit on Whitestown’s cases but would need to cover costs.

Town Court sessions are held every third Thursday of each month.

Learn more about Town Court at zionsville-in.gov under the “government” tab.