Common council elects Jensen as new president


The Noblesville Common Council kicked off 2018 with its first meeting of the year by electing Chris Jensen as the new council president and Brian Ayer its vice president on Jan. 2.


Jensen replaces Megan Wiles, who previously served as the council president.

“I am excited for Chris and look forward to working with him and the entire common council in 2018,” Noblesville Mayor John Ditslear stated in a press release sent to Current. “Noblesville will continue its progressive trend in 2018, and we know our momentum will continue to make the community better and more prosperous.”

Jensen began his term on the common council in January of 2016. He served as the council’s vice president in 2017.

“I am looking forward to continuing the efforts the mayor, council and staff have initiated this past year,” Jensen stated. “We have several major projects that the city is progressing forward on, including improvements to infrastructure and the downtown district that I believe will see significant movement in 2018. Each of them will continue to benefit our community.”

The council also determined committee assignments for the year. They are:

  • Building and Land Acquisition: Brian Ayer (chair) and Chris Jensen
  • Downtown District: Rick Taylor (chair), Greg O’Connor, Mary Sue Rowland and Megan Wiles
  • Economic Development: Megan Wiles (chair), Wil Hampton, Chris Jensen and Brian Ayer
  • Finance: Greg O’Connor (chair), Wil Hampton, Roy Johnson and Megan Wiles
  • Parks: Mark Boice (chair), Chris Jensen, Greg O’Connor and Megan Wiles
  • Public Safety: Wil Hampton (chair), Mark Boice, Rick Taylor and Mary Sue Rowland
  • Roads/Traffic/Engineering: Brian Ayer (chair), Chris Jensen, Mark Boice and Wil Hampton
  • Wastewater: Mary Sue Rowland (chair), Mark Boice, Roy Johnson and Rick Taylor
  • Nominating: Chris Jensen (chair), Greg O’Connor and Megan Wiles

The council also discussed meeting guidelines, adjusting only one guideline. Members of the public who attend council meetings are now asked to sit in the back of the council chamber if they have signs, so as not to block others’ views.

Some councilors also were also appointed to other plans and commissions. They include:

  • Noblesville Plan Commission: Greg O’Connor
  • Architectural Review Board: Greg O’Connor and Brian Ayer
  • Community Vision: Megan Wiles
  • Tree Board: Rick Taylor
  • Parking Task Force: Rick Taylor and Mary Sue Rowland

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  1. There is no doubt that the Grand Only Party in Alexander Hamilton County is the true successor to the Whig Party with its push for government-built internal improvements. Not surprising this guy Jensen went from working for Carpetbagger Coats to a large engineering firm that looks like it nearly only builds Whiggish projects for progress like the Mammoth Internal Improvements Act, signed by the town’s namesake’s brother, in 1836 and bankrupting the state. Governor Noble’s slight difference from modern Whigs, he proposed raising taxes to pay for all the progress. Maybe modern Hamiltonians could learn a lesson, because eventually all Broadway hits eventually close and the rest of us end up cleaning up the trash on The Palladium floor.

    History may not repeat but it often rhymes.

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