Supreme Court delivers e-ticketing technology to Carmel


On Friday, March 4, the Indiana Supreme Court delivered e-ticket scanners and printers to the Carmel Police department. This delivery correlated to a demonstration for the public to show how the new e-ticket equipment will affect drivers and the police alike.

With the new e-ticketing system, trial courts will be given traffic tickets on a purely electronic basis. While tickets are still printer for violating drivers via the police officer, at the same time the ticket is sent straight to the court, where it can be printed.

This system came after the Supreme Court for the state applied for federal grants for $54,000 to finance the new equipment. E-tickets have been in effect with the Carmel Police Department and Carmel City Court since June 2010. The recent demonstration of the equipment correlated with the Supreme Court procuring enough equipment for all police in the Carmel Police force.

According to the court, the new system will not only streamline the process of traffic ticketing, but will also reduce costs as well, especially those associated with the travel time for police to deliver tickets to the courts.

The new e-ticketing system is an important step in the efforts to further update the Carmel Police Department technology and fully integrate all police equipment together. This integration, called Odyssey, will help the court manage cases more efficiently. Odyssey is a public service that is provided free to the Carmel Police Department and the city itself.

According to Brian Poindexter, Carmel City Court Judge, this increases the safety level from the current traffic ticketing system, as it more effectively manages the time Carmel police officers. With the new e-ticketing system employed by all members of Carmel Police Department, police officers will spend less time writing up tickets while exposed to traffic.