Carmel Arts Council Showcase Winners Announced


The Carmel Arts Council held the 13th annual Young Performer’s Showcase as a chance for local youth to show their talents to the public. The annual showcase features elementary through high school musicians and vocalists across the area.

Competitive and non-competitive events help young artists become comfortable with the performance atmosphere and also receive feedback to further improve and grow. This year’s event was very well attended by 136 young performers, and took three full days to hear each young musician.


Two $1,500 scholarships were awarded to Carmel High School seniors for outstanding achievement on the piano and in performance. Jingxuan Zhang, a senior at Carmel High School, won the $1500 piano scholarship, while Alexandra Dierkman, also a senior at CHS, won the other scholarship for vocal performance.  Dierkman plans to attend Indiana University in the fall and has not decided a major, but plans to take music classes with the scholarship.

Zhang, who has performed in Carnegie Hall, on the radio program From the Top, and with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, plans to also attend Indiana University and will use the scholarship to help pay for piano lessons and further instructions.

For younger performers just getting comfortable on stage, the Showcase is a very exciting opportunity. According to Izabelle Black, a 12-year-old singer who performed Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment’s song “Wherever I Go” with her friend Liv Moloy, the pair’s friendship helped spawn the idea for participating in the event.

“We’ve always sung together, and we were looking through songs and saw that this one was a duet, and it was already split into parts,” Black said.

Julia Clark, a second grade student at Carmel Elementary, sang the song “The Seahorse” at the event. Clark said that she practiced often to get ready for the performance.

The Young Performer’s Showcase is sponsored by the Carmel Arts Council and Piano Solutions in Carmel.

 Winners for the Performance Division:

Instrument Performance Division

Age 5-8

1st: Margaret Rossi

2nd: Jacob Lo

            3rd: Chrisitan Lo

            4th Abigail Ko

Age 9-12

            1st: Sarah Liu

            2nd: Alice Wou

Age 13-14

            1st: Sidney Hartwick

Vocal Performance Division

Age 5-8

            1st: Julia Clark

Age 9-12

           1st: Delaney Jackson

           2nd: Harley Walker

            3rd: Rachel Gasteneau

            4th: Jinnie Tomes

Age 13-15

1st: Anna Brooke

2nd: Katrien Vandrbech

            3rd: Erika Matthews

Age 16-18

            1st: Emma Petts

Duet Vocal Performance Division

            1st: Izabella Black and Liv Moloy

Dance Performance Division

Age 9-12

1st: Sierra Perdew

2nd: Camille Kern

Age 13-15

            1st: Kelly O’Malley

Age 16-18

            1st: Cheyenne Atkins

Scholarships Winners for Perforamnce

            1st: Alex Dierkman

            2nd: Madeline Hess

Piano Performance Winners

Section A, age 9


  1. Adelle Murphy
  2. Ethan Zhang
  3. Christina Yang
  4. Chendi Liu
  5. Alexander Gu



  1. Adelle Murphy & Christina Yang
  2. Angela He & Angela Sun
  3. Sophia Delgado & Rebecca Delgado


Section C, age 8


  1. Madison Weiss
  2. Calina He
  3. Jenny Cai
  4. Emily Peng
  5. Mai-Thanh Ngyuyen


Section D, age 10-11


  1. Rebecca Qin
  2. Angela He
  3. Michael Wang
  4. Mai-Linh Nguyen
  5. Amy Zhou


Section E, age 9-12


  1. Grace Ziegele
  2. Anthony Peterson
  3. Aaron Shi
  4. Edgar Melkonyan
  5. Caleb He


Section F, age 13


  1. Ari Brown
  2. Blake Felt
  3. Jeffrey Cheng
  4. Yichang Cui
  5. Nadia Fulk



  1. Nadia Fulk & Sterling Fulk


Section J, age 8


  1. Karen Zhang
  2. Michael Zhang
  3. Julia Gorin
  4. Gracie Tubbs
  5. Sarah Myung


 Section B, ages 5-7


  1. Emily Shu
  2. Rebekah Hong
  3. Chenyao Liu
  4. Katerina Folkin
  5. Iris Yan



  1. Chenyao Liu & Chendi Liu
  2. Justin Wang & Kevin Shen
  3. Sarah Liao & Stephanie Liao


Section G, ages 13-15


  1. Jiayi Wu
  2. Julie Puckett
  3. Baizhen Zhu
  4. Cynthia Wu
  5. Eileen Du


Section H, ages 16-18


  1. Mason Yao
  2. Christine Mitchell
  3. Nick Sokol
  4. Caroline Zhang
  5. Tie:   Sammy Kubina & Jennifer Mithcell