Brothers plan wholesale district for vacant Marsh


Brothers Kamal and Iqbal Siddique, both Lawrence North High School graduates, recently acquired a vacant Marsh property at 5104 N. Franklin Rd. in Lawrence and plan to use it for their wholesale operations company, SE Imports and Wholesale.

The Marsh was part of a strip center with several other tenants. The Marsh occupied 36,000 square feet of the 46,000-square-foot building.

“A large portion of (the building) is valuable to that portion of our business, so we intended to move in and take that large part where Marsh used to occupy and run our day-to-day operation there,” Kamal said.

SE Imports and Wholesale services entities like churches, schools and grocery stores. It carries products such as toilet paper and clothing and resells the products to other businesses.

In addition to utilizing the Marsh for their wholesale business, the brothers also have committed to adding a small grocery store to the property if they can’t find a tenant to do so.

“We see a huge demand there,” Kamal said. “I think we could help the local community as well in getting necessary grocery products (that the) area relied on for a long time. It won’t be as big as what Marsh used to be, certainly, but we will do our best to keep the essential products.”

Although the brothers have talked to several interested developers, none have committed to establishing a grocery.

“If we can’t find anyone soon, we will go and build it within this year,” Kamal said.

The renovation to transform the space into the SE Imports and Wholesale is planned for early summer. The business will open shortly thereafter.

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