Boone County Health Dept. recommends 14-day quarantine despite options from CDC


The Boone County Health Dept. has announced it will continue recommending 14-day quarantine periods for residents who contract COVID-19, breaking from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest guidance that states 10- and seven-day quarantines may be advisable under specific conditions.

Two weeks ago, the CDC announced it would advise people who contracted the new coronavirus to consider whether a 14-, 10- or seven-day quarantine was sufficient, reflecting a change from its original guidance of 14 days.

“The BCHD is going to follow the Indiana Department of Health’s recommendation to promote and recommend sticking with a 14-day quarantine period over the new 10- and 7-day guidance issued by the CDC,” BCHD Public Health Educator Claire Haughton said in an email. “We will, however, support a 10-day quarantine period without testing.”

The CDC said a 14-day quarantine period more efficiently minimizes the risk of spread compared to 10- and seven-day options. A 10-day quarantine without testing would apply in specific situations and would be beneficial in cases where testing isn’t readily available, Haughton said. The 10- and seven-day quarantines would require an infected person to not exhibit any symptoms during the duration of the quarantine.

“I don’t think we’re quite at that point where people in Boone County can’t get to testing, but I’m sure there are some communities out there that are having difficulties,” Haughton said. “Honestly, as far as timing goes, people may not be able to get tested and get results back in time to even end quarantine at seven days anyway.”

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